The Car Works – B&SR locomotive #7

This model generally requires a 42″ minimum radius for satisfactory operation.



Extra pictures added 26 December 2019


This locomotive is fitted for the PFM Sound System, and the addition in the rear bunker fuel area is an enclosure for the downwards pointing speaker. The “chuff cam” and ashpan lights are visible in the picture below

Close up of rear truck showing the material removed from each sideframe flange (yellow lines and arrow) and the modified ends to the truck bolster slot (orange lines and arrow) to allow increased sideways displacement of the truck. These modifications allows this loco to run round 36″ radius curves in flex track smoothly and consistently. The curving performance on 36″ radius hand laid curves is rated OK, but not as reliable as flex track.

Check out the simpler modification to the Car Works B&SR #8 for 48″ radius by clicking here. To visit the complete topic on the Car Works B&SR #8 click here.


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