Custom Brass – SR&RL locomotive #6

The SR&RL #6 by NJ/Custom Brass was the first commercial Loco to be offered to On2 modellers way back in 1975. Custom Brass imported 350 pieces of this model, and its original selling price was $250. The model was supplied with an etched brass plaque suitable for display purposes and a sheet of dry transfers to enable to modeller to letter and number the model for a number of prototype lines. This is shown partway down the page.

This model generally requires a 33″ minimum radius for satisfactory operation.






These pictures published by kind permission of Keith Wiseman show a model painted and weathered by an unknown hand.

And here are some pictures of the model in its original brass/gold lacquer finish with some of its original documentation;-




cbad601 (565x800)

The picture below shows a model purchased at the Whitman meet in 1995, again painted and weathered by unknown persons;-


The old open frame motor and rubber coupling was quickly changed to a Faulhaber 1624 coreless motor driving the original gearbox through a NWSL 483-6 universal drive coupling set, with a wire torque arm stabilising the gearbox. The coreless motor was fitted the boiler backhead with two screws, and additional pickups were fitted to give the loco superb performance.



This is a view of the original open frame motor and drive arrangements with the boiler backhead in position.

This view shows the original rubber tube “universal” and a different view of the boiler backhead.

Bob Schlechter’s models       Added 20th February 2014

Bob Schlechter is a well known Maine Two Foot modeller and enthusiast, as well as an excellent photographer. We are delighted to show these pictures of two of Bob’s models. The first is detailed, lettered and painted for an early SR&RL #6;-



The second is detailed for the same loco, in one of its later guises, as Kennebec Central #4. This model has its cab and tank in Brunswick Green and the Black toned down to better match the prototype scheme.



And here are both models side by side;-


The models are owned and were photographed by Bob Schlechter who supplied the photographs. The models were re-motored with DCC added, detailed and custom painted by Jerry Kitts of Foothill Modelworks. Great job guys! and Thanks for sharing.


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