Portland Products – F&M locomotive #1

Updated 15(2)-01-2015.


The model as purchased on a display shelf.



The model as purchased.


Underview showing the rear truck arrangement and extra pickups added by the owner.


The red Portland Products box………


An interior view showing the plain sheet representing the firebox/backhead which partially obscures the motor.



A view showing the drive arrangements, lead flywheel and gearbox. The diode network is an addition giving a constant 1.4 volt supply to the headlight bulb. The sockets allow the headlamp leads to be separated from the chassis when required.

Brief prototype locomotive notes

The prototype locomotive was built by Hinkley in 1884 as their works #1664 as Franklin & Megantic #1 V.B. Mead (1884 – 1905), and also served as;-

Franklin & Megantic #2(2nd) (1905 -1908)

Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes #2 (1908 – 1912).


For more information about the prototype locomotive, click here.



2 thoughts on “Portland Products – F&M locomotive #1

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