Train & Trooper – SR&RL Railcar #2




George Dutka has published photographs of the prototype railcar when it visited the Springfield, MA Show in 2015 on his “Modelling Maine in Narrow Gauge” blog. Click here to visit


4 thoughts on “Train & Trooper – SR&RL Railcar #2

    • Hi Chris,

      none of the team behind these FAQ’s know the answer, and we would suggest that you ask the question on one of the Yahoo! group boards. We follow MaineOn2 and Maine Two Footers so we can pick up any good information that comes out.

      Thanks and Good Luck!


  1. I have acquired a Train and Trooper inspection car as shown above in On30. I missed the original release and am wondering how many were produced in On2 and On30 and the cost at the time. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Dan,

      An On2 version from Canada has just been sold for something like $152.00 on eBay, and I found a note that T&T sold their last stock at $175 (also on eBay). I believe that the retail shop price was higher perhaps $225 or so…..


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