What’s your ***** loco? – part 1

In 2008, I posted a set of questions to the MaineOn2 Yahoo! group list under this title. I felt that the Yahoo! group postings had been dominated by other topics such as ”bashing brass and brass owners” in the verbal/written sense not the converting to another type sense, and by complaints about the poor running qualities of particular examples of brass loco’s, and that it was time to encourage other brass loco owners who had been quietly enjoying positive experiences with their collection of loco’s to post about them.

The questions were chosen quite deliberately to allow different locomotives to be selected, recognising that some owners may have a favourite loco which they would not necessarily recommend as a suitable choice for a newcomer.

My thanks to all the contributors for their comments and especially to Bill Kerr for updating his replies showing how they have changed over a three year period, and for the “Pearls of Wisdom” from a former Moderator of the Yahoo! Group and long term On2 modeller about starting today.

The collected views have been re-edited in 2013 to present a consistent loco/model naming format to facilitate links etc, and finally posted to the new style FAQ’s site.


What’s your ***** loco? – part 1 

What was your first locomotive purchased? When and why?

Terry Smith: A Custom Brass SR&RL #18, purchased at the Edaville Rail Fan Fair in 1988, because it was the first On2 loco I had come across in the price range that I was willing to pay.

Bill Kerr 1: Custom Brass SR&RL #6 Forney, 1979, purchased from friend

Bill Kerr 2: Custom Brass SR&RL #6 Forney purchased 1979, because it was available, now have 2

Jerry Kitts: Custom Brass SR&RL #6 about 1976. Because I liked the engine, I had a hobby shop at the time and gave myself a generous discount. [smile]

Trevor Marshall: Custom Brass SR&RL #24. Purchased in 2003. I was interested in the scale/gauge potential and one was available.

Chester Louis: My first was a Custom Brass SR&RL #24. I bought it at the 10th anniversary NG Convention in St. Louis from Peter Barney.

Jace Kahn: A Custom Brass SR&RL #6, bought new circa 1978, because it was the only On2 commercial locomotive produced at that point. I have had three or four of them pass through my hands over the years, and that particular one has long since gone back into general circulation, but I have kept one #6, bought from the late Mike Pearsall (with can motor replacement), who had added a few details, and I have added a few more.

Bob Schlechter: The Custom Brass SR&RL #6 Forney, etc. as it was the first and only one available at the time.

Gerry Cole: Custom Brass SR&RL #6 “early”, purchased a couple years ago from a fellow Maine On2 list member. Why? Because the price was right, and I liked the size and proportions of the locomotive.

Dean Brown: Custom Brass SR&RL #18, sometime in the late ’80’s. It was the first On2 loco I’d seen, it was painted and lettered and ran beautifully; it still does.

Matt Coleman: my first loco was the Custom Brass SR&RL #16 2-6-2 purchased in 1984 or 85.

Matthew Latham: The Car Works WW&F #7 Late in 2007 because it was the only WW&F brass  locomotive available.

Doug MacLeod: Never have purchased an On2 locomotive. I have 3 On2 locomotives, built two and acquired Sandy River #1 for payment of parts from Putnam & Stowe.

John Rogers: My first loco was not brass. I was probably “loco” at the time and bought a Bachman Forney. A good runner, but the wrong gauge. I narrowed the gauge. Not easy but do-able.


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