What’s your ***** loco? – part 3

In 2008, I posted a set of questions to the MaineOn2 Yahoo! group list under this title. I felt that the Yahoo! group postings had been dominated by other topics such as ”bashing brass and brass owners” in the verbal/written sense not the converting to another type sense, and by complaints about the poor running qualities of particular examples of brass loco’s, and that it was time to encourage other brass loco owners who had been quietly enjoying positive experiences with their collection of loco’s to post about them.

The questions were chosen quite deliberately to allow different locomotives to be selected, recognising that some owners may have a favourite loco which they would not necessarily recommend as a suitable choice for a newcomer.

My thanks to all the contributors for their comments and especially to Bill Kerr for updating his replies showing how they have changed over a three year period, and for the “Pearls of Wisdom” from a former Moderator of the Yahoo! Group and long term On2 modeller about starting today.

The collected views have been re-edited in 2013 to present a consistent loco/model naming format to facilitate links etc, and finally posted to the new style FAQ’s site.


What’s your ***** loco? – part 3

What is your favourite locomotive? and why? 

Terry Smith: my Car Works Wiscasset #7, because it looks so good.

 Bill Kerr (2008): Car Works SR&RL #23, largest of the Prairies, purchased as my going away present from Motorola after 19 years (the termination package was GOOD, so I could afford the cost)

Bill Kerr (2011): Prairie #24, I like its size, #23 is large in comparison, mine needs to be worked on to get it running, and it is a Baldwin that would look good running on any world wide railway, S American, Cuban etc.

Jerry Kitts: My favourite is the Car Works SR&RL #23 because of how well it runs and it will take 30″ radius curves easily. If with little or no work a steam engine works great, then I am more than willing to put hours into detailing it to the best of my ability.

Trevor Marshall: Until recently, a Car Works B&H #8. It was my first Forney – it has also been tuned and has extra wipers for pick-up so it runs quite reliably. It’s been used a LOT in my slate quarry – has been my “test loco” and has seen the most time in steam for operating sessions.

My NEW favourite is a Custom Brass SR&RL #21. Just got it back from a tune-up and it’s delightful. I need to finish detailing it – it needs lettering, a crew, 14 panes of glass, a coal load, some shovels’n’picks, and weathering – but when it’s done it’ll be a much more appropriate locomotive for quarry work than the 2-4-4Ts.

Chester Louis: It’ll be the Hinkley most likely, but will have to wait and see how the rebuilding of my Portland goes.

Jace Kahn: Probably my scratch-built B&SR #7 (for obvious reasons, although I also like the prototype). Among commercial products, probably my Custom Brass SR&RL #24, because the lines of the prototype are so elegant.

Bob Schlechter:  From the stand point of aesthetics, the Custom Brass SR&RL #24 wins hands down in my thinking. The pinnacle of the BLW’s designs.

Gerry Cole: Definitely my brass Car Works SR&RL #23. I think #23 is even prettier than the more popular #24, and both have room for DCC and sound.

Dean Brown: This is a toss up between the Car Works SR&RL #10 and the Custom Brass SR&RL #24. The big Forney, emblematic of Maine 2-footers, looks good and runs well, while I really like the proportions of the Prairie.

Matt Coleman: Custom Brass #22. It looks great and runs well and I just happen to like those big Forneys.

Matthew Latham: Car Works WW&F #7 because it is the only WW&F locomotive I have.

Doug MacLeod: SandyRiver 2nd #2. Probably will be the next On2 locomotive I build.

John Rogers: My favourite is a Custom Brass SR&RL #24 which looks “cool”. It runs OK with the factory gear box and motor and has not blown out as yet


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