A Maine Two Foot Treasure Trove

Wes Ewell’s own website http://twofootartist.com/ is truly a Treasure Trove for the Maine Two Foot Enthusiast looking for plans and drawings.

The picture above shows Terry Smith’s model of the smaller Harrison loco coal shed on the B&SR built from plans developed with Wes, and the picture below shows a picture of his model of the Harrison Freight house under construction.

Wes is well known amongst the Maine Two Foot fans for his exquisite drawings, and on this website he presents much of his latest work.

If you have never visited it, then you should.


2 thoughts on “A Maine Two Foot Treasure Trove

  1. Wes IS a treasure! I had the pleasure of meeting him in Augusta at the NNGC last September. I used his drawings of the station in Wiscasset to build my O scale model, shortened by one section on the platform. His drawing of the Pier station in Wiscasset hangs on my wall waiting patiently for me to build. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the rest of the group!

  2. Just picked a copy of Peter Barney’s book Along the Sandy River , Phillips. Page 47 shows a photo of a coal shed. Similar to the B&H version. Wonderful resource!

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