The Book list – Part 8 – The Compendia


In this section, we list those books which either deal with all the Maine Two Footers or subjects which are common to them all.

Maine Two Foot Railroad Books



Library #


 Revision date: 12 January 2014
The Two Footers – Railway and Historical Society Bulletin No 57 H. T. Crittenden 1942 140 pages, 5 ½ x 8 ½
The Two Footers  – Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Publication Bulletin No 57 H T Crittenden 2001 ISSN 0090-7847  Reprint of 1942 issue
The Maine Two Footers Linwood Moody 1959   214 pages, 5½ x 8½ LOC 59-12774
The Maine Two-Footers –  2nd edition L. W. Moody  (edited Robert C. Jones) 1998 240 pages, 8 ½ x 11
Maine Narrow Gauge Railroads Robert L. MacDonald 2003 128 pages, 6½ x 9¼,  ISBN 0-7583-1179-X
Maine 2 Foot Gauge Forneys, Vol. 1, The Early Locomotives Peter S. Barney 2005 106 pages, 8½ x 5½, 156 photos, 15 plans
Maine 2 Foot Gauge Forneys, Vol. 2, The Design Comes of Age Peter S. Barney 2006 110 pages, 8½ x 5½, 170 photos, 12 plans
Maine 2 Foot Gauge Prairie Locomotives Peter S. Barney 2006 102 pages, 8½ x 5½, 127 photos, 38 plans
Freight Equipment of the Other Two Footers (KC, Monson, W&Q/WWFR) Peter S. Barney 2007 102 pages, 8½ x 5½, 173 photos, 24 plans
Work Equipment of the Maine Two-Footers Peter S. Barney 2007 102 pages, 8½ x 5½, 163 photos, 17 plans
Maine 2′ Gauge Passenger Cars, The Other Roads Peter S. Barney 2007 102 pages, 8½ x 5½, 171 photos, 31 plans
  Two Foot Cyclopedia Plan Book #2 Gary Kohler/M2FQ 68 pages, 17 x 11
  The Maine 2-Footers in Color, Second Edition Gary Kohler/M2FQ 94 pages
 Descriptive Catalogue of the Standard Empire Vacuum Brake (1880), (modern reprint)  2008  20 pages, 8 ½ x 11, ISBN 9781166398927

 The Moody book, which version?

Terry Smith wrote;- The original 1959 Moody book was 9″x 6″, 204 pages long. It had 17 chapters, each dealing with one of the Two Footers under the various names. Each of the smaller roads gets a diagram of the line with all sidings and stations shown. The Sandy River system and Wiscasset get separate maps in a pocket in the end covers. There are various appendices giving loco rosters and some timetables etc.

The 1998 Jones reprint, ISBN 0-911-581-47-2, is 11″ x 9″ and 240 pages long. Has some colour illustrations and additional photographs. Also has an extra chapter about the SR&RL 50 years on.

Should be in any Maine Two Foot enthusiasts’ personal library. Much better value than all the extra car kits that you will never build.

And Bob Schlechter added;-

Both books are great. One really needs both especially the original if they want any rosters as the reprint unfortunately omitted them but is of a larger format and better quality images plus the additions.



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