Yahoo! groups and Neo

Updated 11 October 2013: title should now be Yahoo! groups and Neo as the Neo “infection” has now reached my email system, and the changes have made receiving and deleting emails on my PC somewhat less relaxed than previously. I may be in the minority but I do find being congratulated for sending an email from a saved draft or emptying the trash bin rather condescending.

Updated 3 October 2013, after another break, this time in the UK where I saw the following narrow gauge (just!) wagon with a very direct acting brake shoe;-



Updated 13 September 2013 (after a short break in Wales – guess where & when, the above picture might be a clue.)

This is a non-FAQ message to members of the MaineOn2 Yahoo! and other groups who may have been switched without notice or permission to the new “Neo” version of Yahoo! Groups.

My US Yahoo! ID/account was switched on Thursday 22nd August and my UK ID/account has been switched sometime in the last ten days. I have had “problems” with accessing certain features of my various US based Yahoo! groups since the switch, and now face similar issues with my UK groups.
However I have noticed that Neo seems to be evolving and it is now working better for me than it was way back in August.

My fellow FAQ Trustee, “Matt” Matthews, has found a couple of references which may be useful;-

1/. For all that have been NEO’ed by Yahoo and miss the old format, there is a fix that only works with Firefox browser.

Note neither Matt nor I have tried this (yet) and according to the link below, this may offer temporary respite only.

2/. the site below is the best description of what happens with Neo, and how to get around the most common issues. This Wiki is updated frequently and well worth visiting;-

Also available at

Another sensible and informative single post that I found useful initially (back in the middle of August) was posted by Sheila on page 2 of the Feedback category of the new Neo groups homepage, it’s also worth reading the two attached comments as well.

The link below may still work;-




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