Some additional resources

There are a number of web based resources that we use ourselves for either background information on Maine at the time of the Two Footers or about currently preserved equipment. These are listed below in no particular order.

The photos and files sections of both the MaineOn2 and the Maine Two Footers Yahoo! Groups. Well worth a browse for those viewers who are members (why not join if you are not? Links are in the sidebar on the right). The various goodies available include a list of all the Sandy River Freight Cars with dimensions and features and many detailed photographs of currently preserved items plus some historical ones. 

The Penobscot Marine Museum has a huge collection of photographs available online, including the Eastern Postcard Companies archive. There are a small number of Maine Two Foot Railway pictures in the collection but many of town scenes, buildings and events and other items which provide an invaluable background for the Maine Two Foot modeller;-

The Maine Memory Net is the online digital portal for the Maine Historical Society. Like the Penobscot Marine Museum above, it also has a huge collection of photographs available online;-

Historic USGS Maps of New England & NY

Bridgton Historical Society

WW&F Railway Museum

Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum

Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad


Boothbay Railway Village

New England Rail Photos;- this organisation hosts a huge collection of rail related photographs across the whole of the USA. The NERail section is dedicated to New England which geographically encompasses all Maine Two Footers by the FAQ’s definitions;-



Sandy River;-


Billerica and Bedford;-

If you have any suggestions for additional sites that would be of interest to modellers of the Maine Two Footers then please let us know   

5 thoughts on “Some additional resources

  1. All the sites up post are great; but I have yet to see a site on The Kennebec Central ….Probably the most unique of all the two footers.

    Is nobody modeling this wonderful little railroad ??


    • Hi Patrick,

      Peter Barney has modelled the KC, and wrote it up in the Model Railroad Craftsman Magazine, I don’t have the details in front of me, but would expect someone else to chime in later.

      “Probably the most unique of all the two footers”……Hmmm! that’s more of a matter of opinion than fact. In my view, each of the Maine Two Footers was unique, and despite sharing a common track gauge and suppliers, they can be easily be distinguished in photographs etc.


      • Hi Terry

        I have the Peter Barney article , actually twice. I have been hard pressed to find much else on the modeling side. I have most of the other books on it including Two Feet to Togus. And I do agree they are all unique…………….Pat

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