Couplers: On2 models.

Model On2 couplers added from MaineOn2FAQ-Gen:        updated 04-Jan-2014

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2 thoughts on “Couplers: On2 models.

    • A quick reply (from memory): Most of the Maine Two Footers used link and pin couplers in their early days, particularly on freight cars (*1)(*2).

      ICC and other Federal Regulations forced the introduction of Knuckle couplers. These appeared to have been installed in programs, starting with the locomotives and passenger equipment, then freight cars. Most of these knuckle couplers were slotted to allow coupling to link and pin couplers. All of the Maine Two Footers retained this facility as it enabled M-O-W and track maintenance equipment to be moved in regular trains.

      I believe that both the SR&RL and B&SR changed to knuckle couplers completely, and that the Wiscasset may also have done so by retiring or not using the link and pin fitted equipment. The KC seems to have retained link and pin couplers (confirmation required).

      The Monson line is noted for retaining link and pin couplers to the end of operations.

      MaineOn2 Yahoo! group members should note that there was a pretty substantial and thorough discussion of prototype couplers in a couple of threads starting around 13 and 15th April 2006,


      (*1) the B&B was notable in using the Miller Hook on all its equipment, but did not last very long. All the equipment transferred to the Sandy River.
      (*2) the B&SR Laconia built passenger equipment was also fitted with the Miller Hook.

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