Chuck Collins Prototype locomotive information

Chuck Collins once hosted a website which gave potted histories of all the Maine Two Foot locomotives. Regrettably Chuck’s website went down a few years ago following changes at his ISP.

What I liked about his website was that the entries showed where each particular locomotive stood in terms of how the Maine Two Foot loco designs developed and progressed, ie which earlier design it was developed from and which similar designs it was related to; and gave the history of each locomotive in terms of the appearance changes so important to the modeller in a very concise manner (like when cabs were changed after damage, airbrakes added, electric headlights added etc).

Chuck has now allowed us (The Maine On2 FAQ’s friends) to re-publish his notes. After some trials, we decided that listing the locomotives as a group by road names, rather than individually, gave the optimum presentation for the Maine On2 FAQ’s blog.

Thanks Chuck!



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