……. reaching a major milestone, 50000 viewings

This was originally posted on the 16th August 2015……………..

…………sometime in the next day or so this blog will host its 50000th viewing.

Update: 50000 reached and passed! It was a busy day and we finished the day (16th August 2015) at 50106 views.

Some of the other more general model railroad blogs that I view treat this as a significant milestone, and I have to admit that reaching 50 thousand viewings within two and a half years from start-up on this blog has rather caught me by surprise for such an esoteric minority subject as modelling the Maine Two Footers in US O scale.

I hope that the viewers found what they were looking for and/or something else of interest – and continue to return for updates and new topics.

Thank You to all our contributors, and in particular to Trevor, Matt and Gary Graham for their help behind the scenes.

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