50 Years of the Gazette? – on disc


50 Years of the Gazette? – on disc – well not quite. What’s shown is the DVD-ROM set recently released by Bob Hayden which shows every page of the Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette from March 1974 through until the end of 2014 – (239 issues) and complete scans from the Gazette’s predecessors, Bob Brown’s Finelines started in September 1964 – hence the 50 years – until January 1975, and Slim Gauge News from August 1970 until December 1974, when the two publications joined to become the Gazette.

What do you get? and what does it look like?

The screenshot below shows the first selection screen which comes up after the DVD’s have been fully loaded (an operation which took around 45 minutes in my case), to allow selection of particular issues. In this case, the selection criteria were Finelines, thumbnails and oldest first. Clicking on a particular issue then brings up that issue to be read onscreen.


The screenshot below shows the first screen with selection criteria of Finelines, list view and oldest first. Clicking on file number of a particular issue then brings up that issue to be read onscreen.


Further information about the DVD-ROM set can be found on Bob Hayden’s website;- http://bobhayden.com/

Non domestic US purchasers are advised that the International Mailing charges quoted will cover sending more than one set of DVD’s, so it may be worth working together with fellow modellers to place a group order.

Further information about the Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette, including subscriptions can be found at;- http://www.ngslgazette.com/

What’s in the DVD set for Maine Two Foot Modellers? a personal comment by Terry Smith;- 

As our plans lists show, Bob Brown published quite a number of Maine Two Foot plans in Finelines and the early editions of the Gazettes. Some of these have been published in later publications, but not all. I think that the purchase price of this DVD set is very reasonable for the content, and was glad to be included in a group purchase organised by another UK modeller. I have never had “hands on” access to Finelines and Slim Gauge News before and have enjoyed browsing through them, and I found it interesting to find out more about the early days of “commercial” On2.

There is a search keywords facility. The Maine Two Foot inspired/derived searches done so far have been mildly disappointing. Using “bridgton” brought up only 8 articles and just one of Dick Andrews articles about “The Bridgton Line as I knew it”.

Updated 24-11-2015. 




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