Dwight Smith’s 1940 visit to Bridgton

In August 1940 Dwight Smith persuaded his Uncle Joe to make a small detour off their planned family holiday return route to visit Bridgton to explore what remained of the Bridgton and Harrison railroad. Whilst there both Dwight and his Uncle, Joseph Wilson, took a few pictures. In November 2015, Trains Magazine used one of these pictures in an editorial about how people found out about Al Kalmbach’s plans to start Trains Magazine.

Via Rick Uskert and Paul Hallett, we made contact with Dwight, and are delighted to be able to publish all four of the pictures taken that day for all Maine Two Foot railroad fans to view and enjoy;-


Dwight took this picture himself on a “cheap 126 sized plastic camera”.


This is the picture that was published in the November 2015 edition of Trains. That’s a young Dwight in the doorway. Picture taken by Joseph Wilson.

Wes Ewell has already spotted that one set of brake shoes are truck hung and the other are body hung.



A beautiful picture of one of the so called “Chevy” Rail Buses, taken by Joseph Wilson. The date of the visit confirms that this bus was still in existence in August 1940.

For the interested;- in 1936 and 1937 Albert G Hale took some movie film of a rail bus ride on the Bridgton line and these vehicles were introduced by a caption saying that they were “Chevy Franklins”. Current research suggests that the other rail buses used on the Bridgton were indeed “Chevy Franklins” consisting of a Chevy radiator, Chevy heavy auto/light truck chassis with a Chevy motor combined with a Franklin body.

In the picture above, the radiator has the typical Chevy badge, and the visible characteristics of the upper chassis are believed to match those of the long wheelbase heavy auto/light truck chassis used by Chevrolet in the late 1920’s. The vehicle body has more characteristics in common with the mid 1920’s to 1930’s Dodge Brothers Sedan’s however.


A beautiful shot taken by Joseph Wilson showing the young Dwight perched on the front of the lines largest Baldwin, loco #8 and some interior details of the loco shed.

We thank Dwight Smith for his generosity in sharing these pictures freely, and to Rick Uskert and Paul Hallett for their help with the communications.

Note that Dwight Smith is a former President and Owner of the Conway Scenic Railroad of North Conway NH, and has written an article in the Trains January 2016 edition about the restoration of the Pullman car “Gertrude Emma” on that line.

Paul Hallett is the Operations Manager of the Conway Scenic Railroad.

Click here to view the Conway Scenic Railroad in another page.

Rick Uskert has an interesting blog about modelling the B&SR in 1907 at http://www.bsrrr.com/. Click here to view on another page.

Trains Magazine: click here to view the Trains page of the Kalmbach website on another page.




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