We are five

It is five years since we made our first tentative public disclosures of this blog. We had been discussing republishing the old HTML version of the FAQ’s for several months and then started loading up information in WordPress on a trial basis. After about four weeks, we were satisfied with both the formats chosen and styles developed, and when several discussions on the Maine On2 Yahoo! group made reference to the old FAQ’s, we decided to go public with the new version to support those threads. We started back then with just 41 topics/posts, mostly picture based, showing some of the commercially produced brass models and a selection of historic On2 layouts.

Encouraged by the response from the group, the number of topics grew to over 110 by our first anniversary in 2014, and today, on our fifth anniversary the blog consists of 195 topics/posts and 6 pages. In our fifth year, we have passed a major milestone, that of receiving our 100 000th viewing.

This past year has seen reduced activity publicly by the editorial team for a number of reasons, and the activity which took place was focussed on acknowledging that the blog is now mature and bringing the editorial postings up to date and revising older topics, rather than publishing new Maine On2 modelling topics. The activity included adding new pages to cover topics which we previously frequently received private messages about. A number of existing topics have been updated, with errors corrected and pictures and links added to related topics.

Thanks to all our contributors and viewers,


Terry, Matt and Trevor.



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