Scale Railway Equipment Company – an early supplier from the 1960’s

The Scale Railway Equipment Company was started by Jim Eagan sometime before the Editorial below appeared in the September 1967 edition of Finelines magazine under the heading “What’s New?”.


SRE has always had a reputation for quality parts for the Maine On2 modeller. SRE parts and kits appear regularly on the current second-hand and internet auction sites, where, if correctly identified, they are sought after.

Looking backwards from our current viewpoint, the advertisements in the Narrow Gauge modelling press suggest that the SRE business wandered in directions away from the initial focus on Maine Two Foot.

SRE is mentioned as a component supplier for the first runs of the Custom Brass SR&RL coaches and cabooses, the Town Models SR&RL boxcar and Chris Cardinal’s Laconia coaches.

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This full page advert from the May 1968 edition of Finelines magazine shows the SRE products then available.



This Editorial appeared in the March 1971 edition of Finelines magazine under the What’s New? banner, and announced the arrival of the sprung lost wax brass trucks.



This advert from the January 1972 edition of Finelines magazine gave a status report for the large Bridgton tank car, as well presenting an increasing range of parts.



SRE advert from the November 1972 edition of Finelines magazine showing the variations available for the large tank (car).



SRE advert from the January 1976 edition of Narrow Gauge and Short Lines Gazette showing the kits available for 1976 which ran throughout 1976.



SRE placed this advert in the March/April 1978 edition of the Narrow Gauge and Short Lines Gazette magazine announcing the arrival of the lower cost white metal trucks.



SRE ran this advert in the Narrow Gauge and Short Lines Gazette magazine from January/February 1981 until September/October 1982, after which they appear to have taken a break from advertising in the Gazette, and then resumed on a spasmodic basis with other products (ie not Maine On2). Note that our review period currently finishes at the end of 1986, and that the focus here is on the Maine On2 items.


The SRE catalog: this catalog was obtained sometime in the early 1980’s, and carries a listing of UK sourced 7mm scale figures.





Monson Flat Car

The first advertisement for this car kit appeared in the November 1971 edition of Finelines magazine.




SRE Bridgton & Harrison Tank Car #14 

This model was first announced at the end of 1971 and was available from the end of 1972 onwards.


SRE advert from the November 1972 edition of Finelines magazine showing the variations available for the large tank (car).

The tank was an epoxy resin casting produced by Bill Clouser using his “Custom Cast” process, and included the dome, with a separate casting for the cradle. Details such as the filler cap, relief valve, handrail supports, ladder were investment cast brass. Handrails, bridle and grab irons were brass wire. As shown in the advert above, the tank was available separately or with a cast 30 foot flat car body. The model was introduced at the end of 1972 and was reviewed in Railroad Model Craftsman, June 1974 edition with corrected photographs in the July 1974 edition.


Parts of the tank only kit, taken from the instruction sheet illustration.



Notice the Bill Clouser Custom Cast logo and labelling. These two pictures show the 30 foot flat car model to carry the tank car body.


For further pictures of the SRE Bridgton Tank car model click here to open another page in your browser.


SR&RL Phillips Water Plug

This kit appears to have been announced in the November/December 1977 edition of the Narrow Gauge and Short Lines Gazette magazine. It was reviewed in the January/February 1981 edition with the comment “…back on the market…”.






All adverts from Finelines and the Narrow Gauge and Short Lines Gazette magazines appear by kind permission of Bob Brown, Editor and Co-owner.