Town Models, circa 1976.


The Toy and Hobby House Scale Railroad Division announced their exclusive supply of the Town Models produced SR&RL coach #19/20 with this advert placed in the March/April1976 edition of the Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette.

We believe that Town Models was a trading name used by Darryl Townsend when he moved from New England to the Chicago area. Previously Darryl had worked with Lee Snover Snr. on items released under the Leetown name.

We also believe that Town Models produced 50 pieces each of three brass models in 1976 before disappearing from the scene;- SR&RL Coach 19-20, SR&RL Combine 15 and SR&RL boxcar 147 which was offered for sale directly complete with SRE trucks.

A significant feature of the Town Models Coach #19/20 is that it was produced with the original arched windows representing the coaches in their as built condition for the P&R  (SR&RL 19 was built in 1890 for P&R as their #2 and SR&RL 20 was built in 1891 as the P&R #4.) Note that SR&RL Combine #15 was built in 1890 for P&R as their #1.

The Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette advert is reproduced here by permission of Bob Brown, Editor and Owner of the Gazette.