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Update 07-01-2016: if you are a Bridgton fan and have not yet visited this site in the last month, then you are in for a treat!

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and of course to Rick Uskert for the blog itself and the information he presents there.

If you are a Bridgton fan then it’s well worth a browse,

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Maine Two foot layout plans on Marty McGuirk’s blog

Marty McGuirk’s blog is mainly about his HO gauge Central Vermont layout, but like many blogs there are occasional diversions such as what other layouts might fit the space or his interests.

Recently, Marty has found (and published) a plan drawn up by Iain Rice from a long time ago featuring a Maine Two Foot style layout based on the proposed “Franklin and Somerset” extension to the Franklin and Megantic line. Also included is some correspondence from the time – take a look at http://centralvermontrailway.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/maine-two-foot-adventure.html

Some time ago Marty published a plan based on the WW&FR that was drawn up by Bernie Kempinski for Marty’s space. http://centralvermontrailway.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/missed-opportunities-what-might-have.html

Enjoy if you visit, and we look forward to hearing from anyone who is tempted to build either of these layouts,

Terry & Co.

Trevor’s full size Maine Water Crane

FAQ editor Trevor Marshall filling the tank on Monson Railroad 4 at the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Company and Museum in Portland, Maine in 2009 – using the water crane he financed and helped build.

In July 2014 Trevor told the story of he and his friend Pierre Oliver built a functioning full size water crane for the Museum. Click here for the full story.

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Updated 15-Feb-2019


Ron King’s SR&RL Layout

Update: 07-06-2014: Ron has added a video to his blog, showing a helicopter tour of the 255 Oops! make that 455 (!!!) foot run from Farmington to Rangeley and Marbles. That’s over four scale miles, so it is well worth a visit to his blog to view!

Ron is building an On2 layout modelling the SR&RL in the fall of 1919. The layout will be on two levels and is housed in a dedicated second floor room that is about 25 feet wide and 100 feet long giving a floor space of about 2,400 square feet.

The minimum radius on the layout is 48” and will use #8 turnouts. Ron intends to use Precision Scale flex track.

Read more about Ron’s ambitious plans on his blog at http://srrllayout.blogspot.com or use the link in the sidebar on the right.

More interesting websites – locomotive suspension and performance

Here are a couple of non “On2” scale websites that may be useful to viewers interested in improving locomotive suspension and performance;-


This is a UK site which presents an overview of the work done by various individuals and groups on advanced but practical locomotive suspension methods used by the UK Fine Scale and Prototype based groups primarily in 4mm scale. It’s quite a site, with a lot of content, and probably more than most modellers will ever need or feel comfortable with. The physical size of these models is close to Maine On2, and many commercially available parts (such as motors, gearboxes, axles and hornblocks etc.) can be used.


This is a link to Jeff Bissonette’s blog where he posts mainly about his work on making chassis’s for various locomotives in the smaller scales such as Sn2, HOn3, HOn2 and OO9. There is a wealth of practical information (and inspiration I hope!) in the older posts, much of it applying the principles of the site above. Jeff’s comments about Sn2 loco’s and their performance and how he improved these are worth reading for their close similarity with products offered commercially in On2.

Enjoy if you visit.

Some additional resources

There are a number of web based resources that we use ourselves for either background information on Maine at the time of the Two Footers or about currently preserved equipment. These are listed below in no particular order.

The photos and files sections of both the MaineOn2 and the Maine Two Footers Yahoo! Groups. Well worth a browse for those viewers who are members (why not join if you are not? Links are in the sidebar on the right). The various goodies available include a list of all the Sandy River Freight Cars with dimensions and features and many detailed photographs of currently preserved items plus some historical ones. 

The Penobscot Marine Museum has a huge collection of photographs available online, including the Eastern Postcard Companies archive. There are a small number of Maine Two Foot Railway pictures in the collection but many of town scenes, buildings and events and other items which provide an invaluable background for the Maine Two Foot modeller;- http://penobscotmarinemuseum.org/photography/

The Maine Memory Net is the online digital portal for the Maine Historical Society. Like the Penobscot Marine Museum above, it also has a huge collection of photographs available online;- http://www.mainememory.net/

Historic USGS Maps of New England & NY http://docs.unh.edu/nhtopos/nhtopos.htm

Bridgton Historical Society http://www.bridgtonhistory.org/Museum/NarrowGaugeRailroad/tabid/71/Default.aspx

WW&F Railway Museum  http://www.wwfry.org/


Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum http://www.mainenarrowgauge.org/

Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad http://srrl-rr.org/

Edaville http://www.edaville.com/

Boothbay Railway Village   http://www.railwayvillage.org/

New England Rail Photos;- this organisation hosts a huge collection of rail related photographs across the whole of the USA. The NERail section is dedicated to New England which geographically encompasses all Maine Two Footers by the FAQ’s definitions;-


Monson;- http://photos.nerail.org/search/searchresults.modperl?SEARCHTYPE=SIMPLE&PAGE=1&BOOL=ALL&SEARCHSTRING=monson+narrow+gauge

Sandy River;- http://photos.nerail.org/search/searchresults.modperl?SEARCHTYPE=SIMPLE&PAGE=1&BOOL=ALL&SEARCHSTRING=sandy+river+narrow+gauge

Wiscasset;- http://photos.nerail.org/search/searchresults.modperl?SEARCHTYPE=SIMPLE&PAGE=1&BOOL=ALL&SEARCHSTRING=wiscasset+narrow+gauge

Billerica and Bedford;- http://photos.nerail.org/show/?order=byrail&page=1&key=Billerica%20%26%20Bedford


If you have any suggestions for additional sites that would be of interest to modellers of the Maine Two Footers then please let us know   

A Maine Two Foot Treasure Trove

Wes Ewell’s own website http://twofootartist.com/ is truly a Treasure Trove for the Maine Two Foot Enthusiast looking for plans and drawings.

The picture above shows Terry Smith’s model of the smaller Harrison loco coal shed on the B&SR built from plans developed with Wes, and the picture below shows a picture of his model of the Harrison Freight house under construction.

Wes is well known amongst the Maine Two Foot fans for his exquisite drawings, and on this website he presents much of his latest work.

If you have never visited it, then you should.