SRCS O scale kits list – a Work In Progress

Sandy River Car Shops kits

Note that Sandy River Car Shops is not a current supplier.




Two views of Terry Smith’s model of the Wiscasset station at Week’s Mills built from an SRCS kit, with modifications.

Sandy River Car Shops was the brand name chosen by Peter Barney to market a wide range of craftsman style kits of Maine Two Foot Railroad items,  in On2, HOn2 and Sn2. Sandy River Car Shops is frequently reduced to SRCS. The line was started sometime in the Spring of 1976, which coincided with the arrival of the Custom Brass SR&RL #6 locomotive. As far as we know (confirmation required) Peter Barney sold the commercial rights to SRCS and the line of kits to Steven Boothroyd of Cranberry Junction Hobbies sometime in the late 1990’s, who has since ceased advertising, but very occasionally lists items from the line on eBay.

The line included both a standard range of products such as regular rolling and structure kits and other items produced as limited editions.

For many On2 modellers, SRCS kits provided an introduction to and the backbone of their Maine On2 modelling. Unmade kits are often traded between members of the Yahoo! groups or more openly on eBay.

We hope that our readers will help to develop and flesh out this post advising us of items not shown on our list and even better sending us photographs of their completed kits to illustrate the extensive range available.


A part built view of a typical SRCS boxcar, in this case a WW&FR 28 foot boxcar from the 67 series, showing the familiar SRCS white box used for most kits plus the stripwood and hardware still to be fitted.

SRCS Kits list Revision date: 05-August-2016

SRCS BB A Billerica & Bedford boxcar “A”…

SRCS BSR 8 Bridgton & Saco River flatcar 8
SRCS BSR 17 Bridgton & Saco River flatcar 17
SRCS BSR 37 Bridgton & Saco River lowside flatcar (gondola) 37
SRCS BSR 44 Bridgton & Saco River flatcar 44
SRCS BSR 56 Bridgton & Saco River 28′ boxcar 56
SRCS BSR 65 Bridgton & Saco River 30′ boxcar 65
SRCS BSR 73 Bridgton & Saco River 34′ boxcar 73

SRCS FM 21 Franklin & Megantic boxcar 21

SRCS KC 6 Kennebec Central flanger/plow 6
SRCS KC 15 Kennebec Central flatcar 15
SRCS KC 21 Kennebec Central boxcar 21

SRCS M 5 Monson boxcar 5
SRCS M 13 Monson flatcar 13

SRCS SR A Sandy River boxcar A
SRCS SR 1 Sandy River caboose 1
SRCS SR 5 Sandy River boxcar 5

SRCS SRRL 55 SR&RL 24′ boxcar 55
SRCS SRRL 59 SR&RL milk boxcar 59
SRCS SRRL 68 SR&RL boxcar 68
SRCS SRRL 70 SR&RL boxcar 70
SRCS SRRL 85 SR&RL boxcar 85
SRCS SRRL 99 SR&RL boxcar 99

SRCS SRRL 107 SR&RL boxcar 107
SRCS SRRL 147 SR&RL boxcar 147
SRCS SRRL 201 SR&RL flatcar 201
SRCS SRRL 213 SR&RL 28′ pulpwood car 213

SRCS SRRL 215 SR&RL pulpwood car 215
SRCS SRRL 216 SR&RL flatcar 216
SRCS SRRL 216-2 x SR&RL flatcars 216 & 413
SRCS SRRL 224 SR&RL 28′ flatcar 224
SRCS SRRL 224-2 SR&RL flatcars 224 & 239

SRCS SRRL 240-2 SR&RL pulp cars 213 & 240
SRCS SRRL 239 SR&RL flatcar 239
SRCS SRRL 302 SR&RL flatcar 302
SRCS SRRL 326 SR&RL pulpwood car 326
SRCS SRRL 326-2 SR&RL pulp cars 326 & 383
SRCS SRRL 383 SR&RL pulpwood car 383
SRCS SRRL 413 SR&RL flatcar 413
SRCS SRRL 420 SR&RL pulpwood 420
SRCS SRRL 430 SR&RL coal car 430
SRCS SRRL 430-2 SR&RL coal cars
SRCS SRRL 490 SR&RL stock car 490
SRCS SRRL 501 SR&RL Flanger 501
SRCS SRRL 504 SR&RL Flanger 504
SRCS SRRL 505/6 SR&RL Flanger 505/6
SRCS SRRL 513 SR&RL snowplow 513
SRCS SRRL 514 SR&RL snowplow 514
SRCS SRRL 515 SR&RL snowplow 515
SRCS SRRL 551 SR&RL Caboose 551
SRCS SRRL 552 SR&RL Caboose 552
SRCS SRRL 553 SR&RL Caboose 553
SRCS SRRL 555 SR&RL caboose 555
SRCS SRRL 561 SR&RL work car 561
SRCS SRRL 570 SR&RL work car 570



Two pictures showing boxcars assembled from SRCS kits prior to painting, allowing the various pieces and added detail to be seen more clearly.

Top view shows a B&SR 30 foot boxcar and a Wiscasset 28 foot boxcar behind a Portland Products F&M #1 locomotive. The bottom view shows a WW&FR #312 boxcar with the raised roof.

SRCS WWF 10/29 W&Q/WW&F 28′ flatcar
SRCS WWF 41 WW&F 28′ boxcar 41
SRCS WWF 42 WW&F flatcar 42
SRCS WWF 50 W&Q/WW&F 30′ flatcar 50
SRCS WWF TCDA WW&F Turner Centre reefer
SRCS WWF 67 WW&F/FCC 30′ boxcar 67
SRCS WWF 81 WW&F boxcar 81
SRCS WWF 101 WW&F 30′ Flatcar 101
SRCS WWF 116 WW&F flatcar 116
SRCS WWF 201 WW&F Flanger 201
SRCS WWF 202 WW&F Flanger 202
SRCS WWF 301 WW&F Caboose 301
SRCS WWF 303 WW&F waycar 303
SRCS WWF 312 WW&F 28′ boxcar 312
SRCS WWF 503 WW&F boxcar 503


A Wiscasset #503 28 foot boxcar built from an SRCS kit by Terry Smith.

Limited Run Cars per Hobby Barn catalog

SRCS BB A Billerica & Bedford boxcar “A”…(75 units, introduced Summer 1981)

SRCS BSR 56 Edaville RR (Bridgton & Saco River 28′ box 56) (50 units, introduced Summer 1979)
SRCS BSR 14 Bridgton & Saco River tankcar #14 (50 units, introduced Summer 1981)
SRCS BSR 22 Bridgton & Saco River tankcar #22 (50 units, introduced Summer 1981)

SRCS KC 24 Kennebec Central lowside coal car #9   (75 units, introduced Summer 1980)
SRCS KC 28 Kennebec Central lowside coal car #10

SRCS Sandy River Caboose #1 (75 units, introduced Summer 1981)
SRCS SRRL 59 SR&RL milk boxcar 59 (50 units, introduced Summer 1979)
SRCS SRRL 490 SR&RL stock car 490 (50 units, introduced Summer 1980)
SRCS SRRL 551 SR&RL Caboose 551 (75 units, introduced Summer 1980)
SRCS SRRL 552 SR&RL Caboose 552 (75 units, introduced Summer 198)


SRCS B 1 SR&RL Madrid freight house
SRCS B 2 SR&RL Sanders Station
SRCS B 3 WW&F Cooper’s Mills Water tank
SRCS B 4 WW&F Maintenance Shed
SRCS B 5 SR&RL Strong Creamery
SRCS B 6 SR&RL Sanders Water tank
SRCS B 7 SR&RL Boxcar Storage Shed at Phillips
SRCS B 8 WW&F Weeks Mills Station
SRCS B 9 WW&F Weeks Mills Freight House
SRCS B 10 SR&RL Strong Station
SRCS B 11 WW&F Weeks Mills Water tank
SRCS B 13 SR&RL Strong Freight House
SRCS B 14 WW&F Alna Center Depot
SRCS B 15 SR&RL Maintenance Sheds
SRCS B 16 Kennebec Central Engine house
SRCS B 17 SR&RL Phillips Water crane
SRCS B 18 SR&RL Farmington Water crane
SRCS B 19 WW&F Wiscasset Water crane with staircase
SRCS B 20 WW&F Albion Engine house
SRCS B 21 WW&F Albion Water Tank
SRCS B 23 SR&RL Strong Engine house
SRCS B 25 SR&RL Strong Coal Shed



Two views of SR&RL Snowplow # 513 built from an SRCS kit by Terry Smith.

Prototype Structure – Kennebec Central Retaining Wall

Kennebec Central retaining wall

Wes Ewell writes;- First, there is no evidence of a concrete wall anywhere except at the far south end of the yard. This appears to be part of a foundation for a non-railroad building. Remains of a timber retaining wall still exist along the entire railroad frontage. This wall appears to have been built up of alternating layers of heavy round pilings. The layers that ran parallel to the shore look like they were originally 10-14 inches in diameter. These alternated with layers of piles that extended into the fill perpendicular to the shore, and look like they were larger, in the range of 12-16 inches diameter. In front of the coal dock there were also vertical pilings, that look like they might have been about 10 inches diameter when new, but are now badly eroded. These are spaced about five feet apart. All are tied together with steel rods. The wall is backfilled with rip-rap of rocks that are about 8 to 12 inches in largest dimension.

The wall extends south from behind the engine-house to a point roughly in line with the north wall of the station, where it jogs out into the river about 30 feet then runs parallel to the river about 80 feet where the coal dock was. It then jogs out again, but this time at an angle about 20 feet out and 30 feet along the shore, then runs about 120 feet to the concrete wall at the south end of the yard. The wall from the second jog south appears to be newer and slightly different construction, with pilings both inside and outside the wall, and square timbers instead of round.

As for the coal shed, are you talking about the large coal dock or the smaller shed next to the engine-house? There were at least two large coal docks. The first one looked more like a barn, with ship-lapped board siding; the second looked more like a highway salt shed, with exterior timber framing and a nearly flat roof. There were also several small sheds next to the engine-house, that were moved over the years. In the course of my research on the engine-house for Bob Jones’ book, I found evidence that there were at least four different engine-house buildings over the years. This area was (and still is) subject to high-velocity floods every spring, which are often loaded with big chunks of ice and sometimes washed the buildings away.

Michael Lumert has posted some modern day photos in the M2FQ Forum photos (you have to be a member to view) to go along with his M2FQ V9#3 2004 article