Password Protected

This page is intended for those regular visitors who have a knee jerk response when they might occasionally be asked for a password on this site.

There are two instances when we use the Password Protection facility offered by WordPress: the first is when we are developing a new topic/posting and need to allow a key contributor to view the draft posting in blog format, for checking and comment before it is released for general viewing. The second is when we allow the blog to be used to share privileged information in support of a discussion thread on the Maine On2 Yahoo! group, which is not to be shared freely on the open internet; the one current example of this is Moe example.

In the first case, we normally use the WordPress “sticky” facility to promote an existing Editorial topic explaining the use of Password Protection to the top of the current listings, with “Featured” being the public version of “sticky”; however, experience shows that some people miss this explanation. Unless you are the key contributor you will not be given access until the topic/posting is ready for general release.

In the second case, the password was posted to the Maine On2 Yahoo! group.

For those who want to know more, then here are some of the previous posts about Password Protection on this blog;-

Editorial Statement about Password Protected; this is the Editorial statement referred to above, click here to view on another browser page.   

Protected: the password is drink; this is another Editorial statement to show how password protection works, and it contains additional information in the message. Click here to view on another browser page.