Prototype colour schemes – SR&RL Buildings after 1911

SR&RL building colors to use for painting after 1911

These pictures of the Sandy River Railroad Museum show their interpretation of the “pond bottom” grey and green paint scheme adopted by the original line.

Maine Central colors for buildings (after 1911)- Model Master Euro Dark Green and Aggressor Gray or PolyScale formulations with the same FS numbers are the closest thing based on samples the folks at M2FQ have found. The Maine Central guys recommend D&H gray. I like to add a tad of MEC Pine Green for a newer building or just a brighter look. -Jim red_gate_rover (MaineOn2 answer)

What is used by Bob Hayden in his C&DR’s official color scheme?

Bob’s scheme, in use for the past 26 years, is based on the gray and green used on the SR&RL (and MeC, when it owned the road). Most of the experts call it the “Maine Central pond-bottom scheme. Siding color for the buildings is Floquil Reefer Gray, lightened with about 20% Reefer White so the color isn’t quite so strong. This varies from building to building so they don’t look as though they were all painted on the same day. Sometimes I adulterate the gray with Floquil Earth to warm it up. The trim color is Floquil Depot Olive, modified with roughly 10% Earth. This also goes on the bottom of the siding, below the windows. Another answer From: “Bob Danielsen” (I did not record which group this was posted on when I copied it a long time ago)

The RAAF green can also be used for the SR&RL green as it has the same FS number as the Model Masters enamel European Dark Green recomended for SR&RL amd MEC buildings. -Jim P. HOn30