Neil Sayer – SR&RL locomotive #19

This UK produced kit (in On30) was originally advertised by Victors, an iconic retail brand name in the US and Continental modelling scenes in the UK. It is currently available from Neil Sayer, who has been responsible for the kit since its inception.

The kit is still available from Neil directly (posted 13 May 2013). He can be contacted by email by using the link provided in the right hand column of the FAQ Home Page, under “Manufacturers-Importers”.

The kit can be built to On2 standards, as it is believed to have On2 frame spacers included on the frets. The builder will have to regauge the wheelsets provided, but we understand that this can be achieved simply by moving the wheels along the axles (ie there are no mechanical stops or limits to prevent this).










These early shots show a pilot model exhibited at a number of UK Narrow Gauge shows and meets. It is fitted with blue tooling urethane resin parts in lieu of the lost wax brass parts included in the kits produced for sale.