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For a trial period, we have transferred the “What’s new?” listing to a post status in the main blog, in addition to it’s usual place as a separate page, so that all viewers can use the links provided to navigate to particular posts.

25-February-2015: Structure Colours – “modern” examples, new posting published showing pictures of colour schemes applied to various Maine 2 foot railroad museum structures.

13-February-2015: Putnam & Stowe: the first domestic manufacturer posting updated with a section recording Maynard Stowe’s recollections of the enterprise and illustrated with a kit photograph.

08-February-2015: Editorial note 08-02-2015, “Password Protected” published in response to a comment………………………

22-January-2015: “What’s new?” listing copied to main page.

15-January-2015: Selected Chuck Collins Prototype locomotive information posts updated;-

Prototype Information: the B&B locomotives, click here to view.
Prototype Information: the F&M locomotives, click here to view.
Prototype Information: the SR locomotives, click here to view.
Prototype Information: the P&R locomotives, click here to view.
Prototype Information: the SR&RL locomotives, click here to view.

Small Forney Model locomotive posts updated;-

The Forney Co. F&M #1, click here to view.
Portland Products F&M #1, click here to view.
Portland Products SR #1, click here to view.
Putnam & Stowe SR #1, click here to view.
Putnam & Stowe SR #2, click here to view.

The Book list – part 6 – the SR&RL, click here to view

Portland Products – the second domestic manufacturer, click here to view.

01-January-2015: Top Posts for 2014: our end of year review of the posts registering the most views etc, now with links to those posts.

30-November-2014: Extra photographs added to Portland Products – the second domestic supplier and Portland Products F&M#1 locomotive. New posts The Forney Co. F&M#1 locomotive and Portland Products SR#1 locomotive added.

07-November-2014: Chuck Collins Prototype locomotive information introductory posting published, and the information posted under the following headings;-

Prototype Information: the Wiscasset locomotives, click here to view
Prototype Information: the Bridgton locomotives, click here to view
Prototype Information: the KC locomotives, click here to view
Prototype Information: the Monson locomotives, click here to view
Prototype Information: the B&B locomotives, click here to view
Prototype Information: the F&M locomotives, click here to view
Prototype Information: the SR locomotives, click here to view
Prototype Information: the P&R locomotives, click here to view
Prototype Information: the Eustis locomotives, click here to view
Prototype Information: the SR&RL locomotives, click here to view

28-October-2014: Layout plan added Bill Kerr’s SR&RL Layout posting, click here to view

09-June-2014: Bill Kerr’s SR&RL Layout revised with more pictures and text.

28-May-2014: Tin roofs – a temporary posting published as an extract from the previous FAQ’s  to support a thread on the MaineOn2 Yahoo! board, click here to view.

27-May-2014: SRCS Kits list: additional pictures of added. Click here to view.

25-May-2014: SRCS Kits list: more consistent nomenclature applied and revision date changed, plus additional pictures of assembled boxcar kits added.

23-May-2014: The Car Works – the second Importer: posting updated with additional pictures. Click here to view.

23-May-2014: SRCS Kits list Revision date: 18-May-2014 illustrated with pictures of a couple of assembled kits.

18-May-2014: SRCS Kits list Revision date: 18-May-2014 published as a WIP (work in progress) to support a thread on the MaineOn2 Yahoo! board.

05-May-2014: Ron King’s SR&RL Layout posting and a sidebar link added. Click here to view.

16-March-2014: We are one! Anniversary posting/announcement. Click here to view.

16-March-2014: SR&RL Locomotives re-numberings: original posting (SR&RL Locomotives re-numbering at time of amalgamation) updated with extra content about the numbering gaps at different times and title changed. Click here to view.

20-February-2014: Custom Brass SR&RL #6 post updated with Bob Schlechter’s pictures. Click here to view.

11-February-2014: Trevor Marshall’s S&PCRR layout post updated with an extra plan, text and links. Click here to view.

26-January-2014: Portland Products – the second domestic manufacturer: updated.

26-January-2014: “…with a little Yankee Ingenuity…” or Portland Products Parts: published.

25-January-2014: Happy New Year! message removed.

23-January-2014: What are the Maine Two Footers? ;- updated with a map reference showing all the lines.

12-January-2014: The Book list – Part 8 -The Compendia, updated.

08-January-2014: Passenger car models availability by prototype roadnames;- Monson; updated with photographs of assembled PLW kit.

05-January-2014: Top posts for 2013: published.

04-January-2014: Portland Products: posting updated with additional information.

04-January-2014: Couplers: On2 models posting updated (again!).

02-January-2014: Brakes posting updated with model pictures.

02-January-2014: Couplers: On2 models posting updated (2x).

What’s your ***** loco? – part 4


In 2008, I posted a set of questions to the MaineOn2 Yahoo! group list under this title. I felt that the Yahoo! group postings had been dominated by other topics such as ”bashing brass and brass owners” in the verbal/written sense not the converting to another type sense, and by complaints about the poor running qualities of particular examples of brass loco’s, and that it was time to encourage other brass loco owners who had been quietly enjoying positive experiences with their collection of loco’s to post about them.

The questions were chosen quite deliberately to allow different locomotives to be selected, recognising that some owners may have a favourite loco which they would not necessarily recommend as a suitable choice for a newcomer.

My thanks to all the contributors for their comments and especially to Bill Kerr for updating his replies showing how they have changed over a three year period, and for the “Pearls of Wisdom” from a former Moderator of the Yahoo! Group and long term On2 modeller about starting today.

The collected views have been re-edited in 2013 to present a consistent loco/model naming format to facilitate links etc, and finally posted to the new style FAQ’s site.


What’s your ***** loco? – part 4

What locomotive would you suggest to an interested newcomer (who is supposed to be fully aware of the pitfalls of brass loco’s, but nevertheless has decided to model in On2) as a first purchase and why?

Terry Smith: Probably a Custom Brass SR&RL #6, because they are a good general engine, and when re-motored (a number are already) can be very reliable performers.

Bill Kerr (2008): Custom Brass SR&RL #6 , basic engine, not too complicated, good starter if it needs rework, not too costly, the Forney’s probably defined the two footers, more then the 2-6-0 or 2-6-2 (which I prefer).

Bill Kerr (2011): If serious about On2, start with Custom Brass #6, its small, still seems to be relatively easy to acquire one, and easy to start your journey on working with On2 brass. See also the general comments.

Jerry Kitts: I will stick with the No. 23. Some of the smaller engines would frustrate a new comer to On2 right to another scale or track gauge.

Brass Locomotives have pitfalls? All models that move under their own power can have problems. I would suggest the No. 23 because it runs well, it’s easy to work on, plenty of room to add sound and/or DCC without losing your mind trying to stuff all that electronics in a Forney should it be your first time around.

I would certainly recommend a brass steam engine over some of the new stuff coming in from say Bachmann, which may be cheap, but you really get what you pay for. I have some Bachmann engines most of which have failed when you actually run them with a heavy train. Bachmann has replaced the parts, on two of them twice and now one of them has failed just sitting on the shelf. I tried their version of a Forney and sent it back. The drivers were not even round and as to turning into a scale model not much chance of that happening if you are interested in Maine Two Footers. The out of round drivers gave me a good excuse to get my money back.

So far if you want to be in On2 I am not aware of any offering that is not brass for a locomotive.

Trevor Marshall: I’m quite pleased with the performance of my Car Works B&SR #6. It is relatively new and needed little done to it. I added a pair of wipers to the drivers on the insulated side and it picks up power well and runs very nicely. Locomotives from this run (SR&RL 8 and 9, WW&F #7, B&SR #6) are still available “new” so haven’t suffered from being much loved, as have some of the older engines that I purchased second hand. For someone who’s looking for a first On2 brass engine, I think there’s a lot to be said for getting one that’s new.

Chester Louis: I would ask the newcomer what their plans were and then suggest. If they are interested in big power I’d suggest Custom Brass SR&RL #24 or Custom Brass SR&RL #16. If they wanted something simple, then it would be Custom Brass SR&RL #6. They keep popping up on eBay.

Jace Kahn: The last is a thorny matter, as most On2 modellers are prototype-specific, and a great deal depends on the individual modeller’s preferences. As a general thing, probably a Portland Forney remains the obvious choice for a first locomotive, both for size and because, effectively, all the Maine two-footers had them; the SR&RL Prairies (and even WW&F #6) are large to start with. If someone were thinking of producing a new locomotive in On2, I think one of the Porter 0-4-4T’s would be worth doing (I’d buy one)–they are small and basic, and no else has ever made one commercially (I’m not sure whether anyone has even scratch built one). The other suggestion is one of the Monson Vulcans, which have the advantage of also being small, uncomplicated, and the prototypes are still in existence, and (periodically) still in steam, so there is likely to be some additional interest among the general public.

Bob Schlechter:  The Custom Brass SR&RL #6, etc. Forney as it is the most versatile of the prototypes as it was produced in the greatest numbers model wise and can depict many roads if not free lancing. Also, the Forney is the watermark of loco types for the Two Footers.

Gerry Cole: The Custom Brass SR&RL #6 seems to be often available, or at least quite a few were on eBay a year or so ago. Availability at a decent price would be the main advantage, and it’s already On2!

Dean Brown: Get one that you like the looks of. This is a personal choice, but chances are you will spend a lot of time with that loco, so make sure you like to look at it. Also make sure you get one that runs well, or that you have the wherewithal to make it run well.

Matt Coleman: Any of the old CB or CW locos would be a great start. Avoid the Putnam and Stowe locos — they are too much work.

Matthew Latham: Hard to say as I only have one brass locomotive.

Structure Colours – “modern” examples

The subject of what colour to paint (or stain) our model buildings or structures is fraught with many difficulties, but to aid a current discussion thread on the Maine On2 Yahoo! group, I am publishing a few of my own colour photographs of what I would call “modern” examples of colour schemes.

The original photographs were taken on film in the 1980’s and 1990’s during my then frequent travel to the USA. The same film (probably Kodachrome 200) was used in the same camera (auto exposure with override), and the pictures have all been scanned recently using the same scanner and software. Whilst the colours may be wrong, my assumption is that they will be consistently wrong.

tssco7This shot shows the Edaville depot and restaurant in the familiar 1980’s Edaville colour scheme, which is believed to be similar to the old Boston and Maine colour scheme.


This picture was taken at the Wiscasset Museum sometime in the 1990’s, and shows the re-built and re-painted Sheepscot Station. I believe that the structure now sports a different colour scheme. It is open to debate and confirmation as to whether this was an attempt at the original W&Q colour scheme.


The next series of pictures were taken at the Boothbay Museum in one of the summers in the mid 1990’s when the various rail busses and rail cars visited. The Boothbay structures were painted in a two tone green scheme, somewhat reminiscent of the Maine Central “Pond Bottom” scheme applied to both the SR&RL and B&SR when these Two Footers were controlled by the MeC. The Wiscasset line also applied a similar colour scheme.


Shows the Boothbay structure colour scheme  in the shade – and an over-heating rail bus!


Shows the Boothbay structure colour scheme in bright daylight (in the distance)


These two shots show the Sandy River Museum and their structure colour scheme, again on a summers’ day in the 1990’s. Presumably, this is another attempt at the Maine Central “Pond Bottom” colour scheme.


Discussions are welcomed on any subject to do with this posting, apart from the spelling of colour.


Editorial note 08-02-2015, “Password Protected”

The editors need to share a post, currently under development, with a key contributor to ensure accuracy and correct attributions.

It would appear that the simplest route to do this, is to issue the draft under password protection so that only the key contributor and the editors can see the full draft in the blog format.

Public viewers will see the working title of the post and the phrase “password protected”. Please do not ask for the password, or make any comments. Your patience will be rewarded by the publication of the checked and corrected post in due course,







Top posts for 2014

Traditionally, the New Year has always been a time for reflection about the past year and how things went in the past year. WordPress has already sent me the end of year statistics, so here are our top posts for the past year;-

#1 – MaineOn2 layouts – Bill Kerr’s SR&RL: quite a fitting tribute to our founder, and way out in front. Placed 5th in 2013 Top Posts.

#2 -SR&RL; Historic list of plans

#3 -SRCS O scale kits list – a Work In Progress; published 18th May 2014.

#4 – “…with a little Yankee Ingenuity…” or Portland Products Parts; published 24th January 2014.

#5 – Custom Brass – SR&RL Locomotive #20/21/22.

#6 – Custom Brass – SR&RL Locomotive #6:  – a well liked and versatile model and prototype. Also placed 6th in 2013 Top Posts.

A rather different listing for this year compared to last year, and one which essentially pays tribute to some of the people who have significantly helped the Maine On2 Modeller;-

Bill Kerr was the editor, publisher and chief compiler of the original web page version of these FAQ’s, as well as an outstanding scenery modeller, and sometime Moderator of the Yahoo! Maine On2 and Maine Two Footer groups. A number of contributors sent us more photographs and other information this year allowing us to update his layout posting twice, firstly with additional photographs in the correct layout sequence and secondly with a layout plan.

The third most popular post shows a listing from the 1989 period of the SRCS (Sandy River Car Shops) kits produced by Peter Barney. These kits were the mainstay of the hobby for most On2 modellers of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Peter is well known as the founder of SRCS, a prolific author on the Maine Two Footers and has penned numerous modelling articles in addition to filling his basement with various On2 models and layouts.

The fourth most popular post shows part of a catalogue, from the mid 1980’s period, of the Portland Products parts and kits produced by Bob Werner of the Hobby Barn. Bob was well known as a producer of cast brass parts and etchings to support the modelling of the Maine Two Footers in both O and HO scales. Bob was an enthusiastic supporter of Edaville and a noted historian of the Maine Two Footers, and has numerous credits to his name in other authors’ books for furnishing photographs and equipment rosters.

In these FAQ’s, Bob actually has four posts (“…with a little Yankee Ingenuity…” , Portland Products – the second domestic manufacturer, Portland Products – SR#1 locomotive and Portland Products – F&M locomotive #1) to his name, and if the total viewings were aggregated then Bob would be in second place this year.

Comparing 2014 with the 8 months of 2013 then we have had double the number of visitors and a 50% increase in the number of viewings.

The nationality of viewers is pretty stable, with some 75% of the viewings being made from the USA, with the United Kingdom in second place with some 6% and Canada in a very close third with 4%. In total, the blog has recorded viewers from 61 different countries around the globe this year.

We hope that our viewers have found the site of interest over the last year. We have more topics and content in-process and some fairly major revisions are planned, so keep coming back in the coming year.

To view the top posts directly click on the titles below which will open the posts in another page;-

#1 – MaineOn2 layouts – Bill Kerr’s SR&RL;

#2 -SR&RL; Historic list of plans;

#3 -SRCS O scale kits list – a Work In Progress;

#4 – “…with a little Yankee Ingenuity…” or Portland Products Parts;

Portland Products – the second domestic manufacturer,

Portland Products – SR#1 locomotive

Portland Products – F&M locomotive #1

#5 – Custom Brass – SR&RL Locomotive #20/21/22;

#6 – Custom Brass – SR&RL Locomotive #6;

…..and enjoy your trains and browsing in 2015.